Camping Shower 20L

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 Portable Outdoor Camping Hiking Solar Energy Heated Camp Shower Bag PVC Water Bag 20L / 5 Gallons


[Capacity] 20L (similar to the shape of a handbag)
[Conduit] length 60CM
[Nozzle diameter] 3.5CM
[Specifications] 20*20*13 (length width thickness) cm
[Weight] 300 g
[Material] non-toxic, lightweight PVC material, reinforced PP bags out there.
[Accessories] a PVC hose and shower head, nylon rope with a hook
[Other] using solar energy to heat the water absorption of light

Solar bag bath

Materials: use of solar energy heating light non-toxic PVC material, easy to use, as long as 1 to 2 hours, can make the water temperature rise to 45 degrees of 15 degrees, water can be adjusted, filled with water sustainable rinse for 5 minutes.

Note: the heating temperature is more than 50 degrees, too hot to affect the service life of the bag.Before adding water, must will be black plastic pipe into easy to handle, otherwise, the mouth is very easy to break

Function is introduced:
The material has the characteristics of absorption of solar energy, before using the product hanging in the outdoor sun 1-2 hours, using solar energy absorption of heat, is equipped with a nozzle for outdoor camping or traveling to take a bath.


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